Julia Maria Koch

Choreographer & Dancer

Hither and Thither Trailer (2015)

Hither and Thither is a dance-piece in two acts and a prelude and mirrors the act-order of the famous romantic ballets which dedicate the first act to life and the second act to the “other side”.
The prelude refers to the " divertissement" in the romantic opera lyrique and gives an absurd preview to what follows in the next two acts. The first act deals with different life-stories, touching the big timeless issues of human relationships like love, power, guilt, cruelty. The characters are inspired in romantic heroes from literature, ballet and also contemporary identities, who all experience a tragic turnaround of their story, which makes them connect with another realm or shifts their awareness. The second act shows the same characters in an otherworldly setting, where the stories start to dissolve and the former individuality melts into sameness, physical formality into de-composition and strong visual suggestions. By the end dissolution offers the resolution and leaves us with the unsettling question of our legacy.


More information at juliamariakoch.com/hither-and-thither.html