Julia Maria Koch

Choreographer & Dancer

Solarliod (2015)

"Solarliod" is inspired in a poem of the Eddas, an important collection of nordic mythology from the 13th century, which mainly is about society, faith and nature.
Solarliod creates images for the apocalyptic allusions of the correspondent poem and reinterpretes them into a contemporary understanding and context.
By the means of only one individual we contemplate society and its limits, where it’s structure becomes a distress and solitude turns into a personal hell.
The massive nature of Iceland is the setting and catalyser of an inner conflict and mutates to be the opponent force in a struggle with the demanding, contradictory modern society and the own fragility and shortcoming.
"Solarliod" is an art-dance-shortfilm, filmed entirely in Iceland,music by the young award-winning composer Hoerdur Mar Bjarnason from Iceland and camera by the international director of photography Torsten Lippstock who co-directed the film with choreographer and dancer Julia Maria Koch.