Julia Maria Koch

Choreographer & Dancer

DEALS WITH GOD /trailer (2017)

Deals with god
Six bodies pass through three different rooms.
Their physicality and transformation constantly creates images.
The image is born to exist and to self-depict the body for a moment.
The archetype rests in the body, a ritual dance begins around the icons.
The bodies create their own iconography.
The violence with which an image can hit us is overwhelming, at the same time pleasant, a desired moment.
The icons are superhuman, without weaknesses.
Their promise touches us on another level.
Our longing to worship something, the need to follow someone. The lack of orientation and the desire to give up control - to something that engulfs us, penetrates into us and in the deepest inner conviction, takes everything in itself.
It is a world full of seduction and beauty, but it is also a dark place.
Most notably, we all seem to know all this without ever having to hear about it.

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