Julia Maria Koch

Choreographer & Dancer


"About 50 percent of all refugees are women and girls. Women flee because of oppression and persecution for political and religious reasons. (...) Women, who have been victims of violence, suffer from mental and emotional long-term effects, depressions up to suicidal thoughts and their social isolation. " ( United Nations Organisation )


The story of the two sisters, who flee their homecountry over the mediterreanean sea is purely fictional but a placeholder for the cruel fate of millions of refugees worldwide. For the crossing the two girls go on board of the boat of people smuggler and suffer shipwreck, the older sister dies in it. She is the one who initiates the idea of the escape, after several suicide attempts of her younger sister, both being desperate for living a free life and love without the pressure of a rigid and reactionary society under the pretext of religious law and conformity shaken by war and chaos. Charon, the mythological ferryman, who, for the fee of a coin, brings the souls over the river styx into hades , comes to her in the form of an attractive man, to whom she feels drawn to. In the nightmare of the ship-accident, she continues her journey with him, crossing over to even more unknown places than the ones she meant to arrive to. Her sister gets rescued and reaches Europe alone, lost and without knowing anyone.