Julia Maria Koch

Choreographer & Dancer

Perfect tragic place/ commission 2018

Triple bill evening: HEIMAT ( Deutsche Tanzkompanie )

'Perfect tragic place'

Transfigured and gaudy trashed beyond recognition, stylized, used and abused by a variety of ideologies. Mythologically charged, sentimentally overloaded.
It is the perfect and also tragic piece of homeland - the connectedness, the longing back but also the irrepressible and inescapable which will shape our lives forever.
Our destinies, inseparable from the people who share our home with us,
a collective organism, closely interwoven from birth to the end, as a universal truth that applies to all of us.
A relationship between man and space as a kind of architectural framework, a social construct, a political and historical statement.
But it is also an emotional place and this is by no means only progressive and transparently easy to see through.
Fear, guilt and darkness hide labyrithically discombobulated.
Home as a deeply human concept, with lots of layers and details.
The viewer passes through an emotional landscape, which, according to the greek tragedy, resonates cathartically.

Tags: Deutsche Tanzkompanie Julia Maria Koch Perfect Tragic Place Contemporary Dance Berlin